ASHA Zodiac Treasures

I grew up in a home where horoscopes are taken very seriously. My great aunt was Editor-in-Chief of the horoscope magazine, Dell Horoscopes, in NYC for 30 years. Needless to say, I read two horoscopes a day, and pick my favorite (or the most positive). I was introduced to ASHA jewelry while working at The Shoe Hive last year. The line consists of cocktail rings, pendants, and studs galore, but, one collection in particular made my Piscean heart skip a beat. ASHA’s astrological line is just the right mix of timeless and trendy. Mother of pearl encrusted + your sign in a 14k vermeil=need I say more? With somewhat of a hefty price tag, these pieces are ones you will have throughout your lifetime. Sold in various boutiques across the country, including the Hive, I suggest the zodiac ring or stackable bangles which can be worn dressed up or down.


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Gone Girl the film

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 8.40.25 PM Gillian Flynn writes the books that haunt my dreams….my legitimate dreams.  After Sharp Objects I couldn’t go near straight edges, after Dark Places I couldn’t go in dark places.  After Gone Girl well I just prayed they would make one heck of a movie from this sick and twisted love story and they did.  The first trailer is here and Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck we’re just flawless picks to play Amy and Nick Dunne, perfection.  From the looks of the trailer this movie might just slide into our subconsciousness and live there.  Now I was weary about them changing the ending but David Fincher (the director) is a genius and I can’t wait to see how this will end. So excited.

Will you be watching?

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Photo Via Vanity Fair

Zooey for Hilfiger


As of late the fashion world has been one of designer collabs with some of the hottest celebrities out there and I love it.  The latest celeb collab I’m lusting over is Zooey Deschanel for Tommy Hilfiger.  The funny lady turned designer is brining her sassy mod style to the all American classic, and boy am I loving it.

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Just stunning.

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What do we think?

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Photos Via Elle and Tommy Hilfiger 

Welcome Tess!


On friday I alluded to big news happening this weekend, and that big news is that I want to officially welcome Girls on a Whim’s new contributor my dear friend Tess.  I’m beyond excited to have Tess contribute to this site.  However that is not all, Tess and I have started our own little project called Lust Local.  Lust Local is our admiration for the grounds we get to stomp on daily. Just like the rest of us, we are on a journey to finding ourselves, career paths, love, great food, the best deal in town, and everything in between. Far from perfect and often undone, we love to share our thoughts and experiences with a general audience who love the things we do: cocktails, skinny jeans, cupcakes, nail polish, barre class, ranting about traffic, in addition to whatever may be crossing our minds. We hope by doing this, our brand and posts will grow, but if not, we will always have the laughs, lows, and experiences between us.

Much love,

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Lust Local: Hardwood Raspberry Stout


While wandering through my local Whole Foods over the weekend when I cam across a beer sampling, one to never shy away from booze I immediately said yes to a sample of the Hardwood Raspberry Stout.  I had never heard of the stout or the company for that matter.  Turns out Hardwood is located two hours away in Richmond and is crafting some of the areas finest beers.  Hardwood Raspberry Stout is a darker chocolate beer and is brewed with local raspberries.  The stout goes down smooth and honestly is such a delicious treat for any beer/chocolate lover hybrid.  Right now it seems you can only find this beer either in Richmond or in the DC Metro area but hopefully soon you’ll find it all over the east coast.

Bon appetite

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