First Kiss

I’ve been reading an article about first’s and after a recent conversation I had, the memory of my first kiss came up.  I want to share it, since it was perfect and it happened 10 years ago this previous week.  How can I remember that?  Why do I know that?  Well we all never really forget that first kiss, or that person that gave us that first kiss. I know it happened the week of my 17th birthday, he and I had been out that evening celebrating (with Starbucks and mall hopping, yes so cool.)  At the time this boy* was my best friend, the one person in the world that knew everything about me from every scar to every upset,  he was the one person I would spend hours into the night talking on my house phone with (this was after all 2002 and thank god text messaging was around)  Any who, I had known that he had had feelings for me for a very long time, back then however I was shy (still am) but didn’t know how to react or really act around someone I liked.  I wasn’t myself quite yet.  So this kiss, well it’s everything a first kiss should be.  I was just about to leave to go home it was almost 11 after all, we were sitting outside and I think inside I knew I was ready and that it was about to happen, I could tell he was nervous but he just went for it.  There under this massive tree in the middle of the night, with perfect weather I got my frist kiss, from the person who deserved the most to give it to me and it was lovely.  Although I haven’t talked to this person in well almost a decade I’ll never forget the night that he opened my eyes. 

What was your frist kiss like?  How old where you?  Where you nervous?

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One thought on “First Kiss

  1. i was 17 too! i wasn’t too nervous because it was with my (new) boyfriend so i didn’t really feel like i had to impress him since we were already “official” haha. but i do have a clear image in my head of where/how it went down (not the date though :)) Danny’s was a little more traumatic. Middle school…his brother’s friends were over and a girl was dared to kiss him. She made a big scene about how she couldn’t kiss him because he wasn’t opening his mouth so years later Danny was afraid he was a bad kisser. haha. definitely not true ;)

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